Art For Art’s Sake # 59: Relax… Art Time Again

by Richard Bruton

Another week, another set of great comic art for you. Pull up a chair, make yourself a drink, relax… it’s Art For Art’s Sake…
Andrew Currie put up these pages for an unpublished Captain Britain project from Marvel UK, inked by Bryan Hitch – now that would have been incredible!

And y’know… because Captain Britain… Alan Davis

Two-Fisted TalesHarvey Kurtzman 1951

Kevin Nowlan variant cover for Batman and the Outsiders #8

Amanda Conner variant cover for Lois Lane #12

Manhunter – Matt Wagner

Ted McKeever – Spidey and Doc Strange

Mick McMahon

Jeremy Treece – SM Commission…

All-Star Superman #1 – the perfect Superman origin tale – 1 page, 8 words. Frank Quitely

Nick Derrington

Jim Steranko

Will Eisner – The Spirit…

Alex Toth – Hot Wheels…

Darwyn Cooke

Jack KirbyFantastic Four #51

Back in April, the ever wonderful Philip Bond treated us to a month of art across his Twitter and IG feeds. This is just a little of that…

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