Review: Cartoonish Antics & Spidey Dances In ‘Spider-Ham #5’

by James Ferguson

At long last the mastermind behind all of Spider-Ham’s recent troubles is revealed. Mojo has taken over this world and all the cartoon characters within to turn into his latest spectacle for ratings. Can Peter Porker break free from the villain’s control and save his allies? How will this affect continuity? Why is Spider-Man dancing? All these questions and more will be answered in Spider-Ham #5!

Just when I thought this comic couldn’t get any crazier, this final issue comes through and ups the game considerably. This is completely bonkers and I love every minute of it. Writer Zeb Wells plays with the zany nature of these characters while also telling an interesting and compelling story. It’s not just for laughs (although there are quite a few of them).
Mojo is depicted as quite the monster, even in this cartoonish state. Artist Will Robson makes him look menacing and a bit silly, which has always been the case with the villain, although he can lean more on the frightening side. In this case he’s like a big oaf that’s easily overrun by a horde of animal heroes.

Mojo’s battle is pretty fun, showing off many of the animal heroes as they pummel him. Letterer Joe Caramagna perfectly captures the stress the character finds himself in. Imagine getting attacked by a bunch of five year olds. That’s the kind of problems he’s facing right now.
Robson differentiates each character based on their world. Spider-Ham and his allies are rounded and softer while Peter Parker and Mojo have more details. That isn’t to say that the two sides don’t blend. That is the case when Spider-Man gets caught up in the music and just can’t stop dancing. The best part of this is that he’s mirroring the moves seen in The Joker by Joaquin Phoenix. It’s amazing.

Colorist Erick Arciniega gives Spider-Ham #5 an old school look to it, like it came out decades ago and we just found it in our attic. The pages are yellowed, yet the colors still have a vibrant quality to them, fitting for the world Peter Porker comes from.
This is a great stand alone story that’s a blast from beginning to end. Spider-Ham can be a little obnoxious at times, but that’s part of his charm. This book pokes fun at some of the tropes of super hero team ups and crisis level events. It’s ok to laugh at this kind of stuff because it is often over-the-top and absolutely insane. We need more comics like this.
Spider-Ham #5 from Marvel Comics is currently available digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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