Mark Russell’s ‘Red Sonja’ Run Enters New Arc With Artist Alessandro Miracolo

by James Ferguson

September’s Red Sonja #19 kicks off a new arc in writer Mark Russell’s run full of leadership, war, and sword & sorcery action. Publisher Dynamite has announced that artist Alessandro Miracolo will be joining Russell for this next stage, as pieces fall into place in the story with everything connecting back around. Colorist Dearbhla Kelly and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou will continue on the title as well.

Writer Mark Russell says:

Red Sonja returns to Shadizar in hope of ending the wars that have destroyed every kingdom they’ve touched. But the end of one war is the cause of the next and how can she find the way out when every dead foe has someone to avenge them? This is the answer that the previous eighteen issues have been building up to.

Red Sonja #19 begins a new arc that will run through issue #24, chronicling Sonja’s return to her native land of Hyrkania only to discover that a figure that’s been lurking in the background has made a major move. Cyril, the orphaned son of Dragan the Magnificient, has taken the throne he feels belongs to him. He’s bent on avanging his father’s death. If she wants to prevent further catastrophic warfare, Sonja must travel to Shadizar to kill Cyril herself. This ties into the companion mini-series, Killing Red Sonja, showcasing the allies and magical abilities Cyril has picked up in his journeys that will be a major obstacle for Sonja.
Red Sonja #19 is set for release in September 2020. It will feature covers by Jae Lee and Joseph Michael Linsner along with Miracolo and Erica Henderson.

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