Preview: Lobo Chases His Bounty To Earth And Into Superman’s Fists In ‘Superman Man of Tomorrow’ #10 DC Digital First

by Olly MacNamee

It’s another DC Digital First featuring two short stories under one cover in today’s Superman Man of Tomorrow #10 with the main man, Lobo, turning up in hot pursuit of his bounty one of the two, and previewed below.
“Story 1 – Superman wakes up in chains and doesn’t know where he is. He’ll need to put the pieces together quickly if he’s to survive a brutal bout in this gladiator arena!
Story 2 – The Main Man himself, Lobo, has come to Earth chasing a bounty, but Superman thinks Lobo is just hurting the little creature. Will Superman put a stop to Lobo, or does the alien have other plans?”
From the creative minds of Michael Moreci, Dave Wielgosz, Riley Rossmo, Thony Silas, Ivan Plascencia and Wil Quintana.

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