Hasbro’s New ‘Transformers X Top Gun’ Figure Loves Beach Volleyball

by Gary Catig

Only a few weeks after they revealed a mash up with Back to the Future, Hasbro and Transformers are looking for another collaboration with a popular 80s property. This time, they feel the need… the need for speed. In celebration of the Top Gun film, Maverick, the Transformers robot that takes the form of the iconic Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat® jet will be released.
The Autobot stands seven inches tall in robot mode and converts to the jet in 25 steps. The accessories that come with the figure include a screen inspired miniature motorcycle, two alternate hands and a very fitting volleyball. Maverick also features folding jet wings, movie-inspired details, including a helmet design inspired by the 2020 Top Gun: Maverick film, and includes 4 missile accessories that can be mounted on figure’s arms in robot mode and under wings in jet mode. The packaging is also inspired by the aircraft carrier.

Maverick is up for pre-order on the Hasbro Pulse website as an exclusive. The figure will be available to ship approximately on October 7, 2020.

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