AHOY Comics Reveal Fifth Wave Of Titles With The Return Of ‘The Wrong Earth’ And ‘Second Coming’

by Olly MacNamee

AHOY Comics have already announced a second season of Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk’s Second Coming, but now they’re revealing the full line-up of tires that will make up their modest fifth wave of new titles.
Penultimate Man you know about too, but also coming from AHOY Comics are new series of The Wrong Earth as well as the return of Edgar Allen Poe in an all-new title, Edgar Allen Poe’s Snifter of Blood.
Here’s more details for each new title, as well as release dates below:


Ship date: 7 October 2020

Author(s): Tom Peyer  

Artist(s): Alan Robinson

Cover Artist(s): Alan Robinson, Jamal Igle

Back from the future—again! Penultiman, The Next-To-Last-Stage In Human Evolution, is the greatest, best-looking, and most admired super-hero in the world! So how can he stop hating himself? His android understudy, Antepenultiman, thinks he knows the answer! Created by Tom Peyer (THE WRONG EARTH) and Alan Robinson (PLANET OF THE NERDS). Featuring a variant cover by Jamal Igle (THE WRONG EARTH, Black). Resolicited from the Plague Times – all previous orders have been cancelled.


Ship Date: 21 October 2020

Authors: Paul Cornell, Dean Motter

Artists: Russ Braun, Dean Motter

Cover Artist: Jill Thompson

The SNIFTER OF TERROR returns with an all-star snark-fest under a bloody new title! Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) and Russell Braun (The Boys) reimagine Poe’s “Black Cat”––as a dog! In “Atlas Shrugged” (no relation), Mr. X creator Dean Motter settles science vs. religion once and for all! Plus: prose, pix, and a cover by Scary Godmother’s Jill Thompson!


Ship date: 4 November 2020

Author: Peter Milligan 

Artist: Michael Montenat

Cover Artist: Michael Montenat

In future America, being happy isn’t just a right—it’s the law. While the Joy Police brutally enforce the cheery code, two young people go on the run, searching for a haven of melancholy where they can safely bask in the blues.


Ship date: 16 December 2020

Author: Mark Russell

Artists: Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk

Cover artist: Richard Pace

The savior and the superhero return for a new round of shared adventures­­––but first we turn back time to witness the interplanetary origin of Sunstar! Warning: portrays science denial, mass extinction, and real estate sales!


Ship date: 6 January 2021

Author(s): Tom Peyer  

Artist(s): Jamal Igle, Juan Castro

Cover Artist(s): Jamal Igle

The stars of THE WRONG EARTH and DRAGONFLY & DRAGONFLYMAN return! Racing to prevent identical catastrophes that threaten the separate earths they inhabit, gritty Dragonfly and his campy doppelganger Dragonflyman follow the clues to a third earth, where they at last come face-to-face!

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