Comic-Con@Home: Magnetic Press Online Comic Con Exclusive

by Olly MacNamee

Today sees the launch of the San Diego Comic Con’s online venture, SDCC@Home, and we’ll be doing our damn hardest to cover all the news and views coming out of this online extravaganza. First up this morning is an announcement on some of the comic-con exclusives that Magnetic Press are releasing that you can grab online. I must admit, it beats lining up for hours in the hope of bagging an exclusive, now doesn’t it? Now, THAT, I don’t miss about the comic con experience.
Here’s a full list of all the exclusives Magnetic Press are offering up for your consideration:

  • NILS Hardcover with Exclusive Set of Three 8.5×11” Linen Cardstock Prints by Antoine Carrion (Limited to Only 150) – Only $19.99

  • OGRE GODS Series Set (3 Hardcovers) with Exclusive Set of 8.5×11” Linen Cardstock Prints by Bertrand Gatignol (Limited to Only 150) – Only $50

  • ORPHANS Series Set (4 Volumes) with Exclusive 2-Sided 11×17” Mini-Poster by Massimo Carnevale (LIMITED TO ONLY 150) – Only $50

  • STREAMLINER with Exclusive 8.5×11” Linen Cardstock Print by Fane (Limited to Only 150) for Only $17.50

  • TOPPI VOLS 1-3 (3 Hardcovers) with Exclusive Set of Three 8.5×11” Linen Cardstock Prints by Sergio Toppi (Limited to Only 150) – Only $50

  • GENPET with Exclusive 2-Sided 11×17” Mini-Poster  by Alex Fuentes and Adrian (Limited to Only 150) – Only $12.75

  • GUNLAND 2-Sided 11×17” Mini-Poster by Captain Artiglio (Limited to Only 150) – Only $14.99

  • KLAW with Signed Series Bundle (2 Hardcovers) with 2-Sided 11 x 17” Mini-Poster by Jurion and Ozanam (Limited to Only 150) and Signed Bookplate by Jurion and Ozanam – Only $50

  • MISTER INVINCIBLE with Exclusive 8×10” Sticker Sheet by Pascal Jousselin – Only $11.99

Available online now from Magnetic Press

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