Sunday Line-Up: All The Best Of Comic-Con@Home Throughout The Day

by Olly MacNamee

Good morning, good morning! With Comic-Con@Home still ongoing, we’ve decided to postpone this weekend’s regular Super Sunday of previews in favour of continuing to report back to you about al the going-ons and news coming out of this weekend’s online convention. We will be bringing you reports throughout the day on the IDW panel discussing upcoming Artists’ Edition from Jim Lee and Dave Cockrum, celebrating 15 years of Keanu Reeves’ Constantine, and more. Oh, and even though it isn’t an official Super Sunday, all our previews today do have something in common: they’re all Empyre tie-ins.
But, looking at the schedule fro today, it does seem to be a rather Super Sunday after all. Enjoy your day and we do hope you spend some of it here online and in our company.

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