What Awaits Us In ‘Fantastic Four: Antithesis’?

by James Ferguson

Next month sees the release of Fantastic Four: Antithesis, an epic team-up of creatives as Mark Waid joins forces with Neal Adams to introduce a new villain to the Marvel Universe. Just who or what is Antithesis though? Well, Marvel host Lorraine Cink spoke with both Waid and Adams about the project to reveal some details as to what we can expect. Check it out below.

Waid says:

Working with [Neal Adams] has been on my bucket list since I was kid. This was the perfect opportunity.

Fantastic Four: Antithesis marks the first time Neal Adams is illustrating a full-length Fanastic Four story.

Adams says:

There’s lots of surprises. We got to really jam a lot of stuff in there.

Fantastic Four: Antithesis features inks by Mark Farmer and colors by Laura Martin. The first issue of the four-part mini-series is set for release on August 26th, 2020.

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