Review: ‘Canopus #4’ Stretches The Boundaries Of Science-Fiction

by James Ferguson

The truth about this mysterious planet is finally revealed, but will it be enough to save Helen and the rest of humanity? She’ll have to overcome not just the harsh terrain of this world, but her own inner demons and doubts.
Just when you think you might know where Canopus is going, creator Dave Chisholm adds some more twists and turns to keep you on your toes. This issue is full of jaw-dropping moments that change everything that came before. This definitely lends itself to multiple readings as you’ll see things differently the second time around.

Helen’s journey has been nothing short of riveting as it’s not just her life that’s on the line, but the fate of humanity as well. This raises the stakes of everything, however that’s put into an entirely new light after the events of this issue. There’s an easy way to describe this revelation by comparing it to a certain movie, but just by naming it, the whole thing will be spoiled. Suffice it to say, this is some mind-blowing stuff.
Chisholm’s artwork is a sight to behold. He balances the dialogue and exposition with beautiful imagery that showcases the size and scope of what we’re dealing with. There are times the pages are filled with smaller panels that each convey a powerful moment, then others where he pulls back, giving you an idea of just how alone Helen is.
Throughout it all, we’re with Helen 100%. We can see the toll this mission has taken on her. It weighs her down, not just with the dangers she faces, but with the emotional burden that she carries. It sounds cheesy to say that she learns something about herself on this far off planet, but there’s a deep connection to this that really resonates. We see how she is grappling with all of this information and it’s no easy task.
There’s a color shift in Canopus #4, coinciding with a major change in the story. The palette goes from dreary greys and pinks to bright greens. It’s a perfect fit for this tonal change and it really enhances the scene.
Canopus has been a trippy ride and it’s all built towards this final issue. I can safely say that I could not have possibly expected we’d end up here when the series began. Creator Dave Chisholm has stretched the boundaries of the science-fiction genre, creating something truly special and absolutely fascinating.
Canopus #4 from Scout Comics is currently available at your local comic shop.

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