Smilegate Entertainment Shows Off Campaign Trailer For ‘CrossfireX’

by Sage Ashford

Developer Smilegate Entertainment has teamed up with Remedy Entertainment to create a campaign mode for their popular game CrossfireX. During the Xbox Games Showcase, we got a look at the campaign for this incredibly popular first-person shooter.  Crossfire’s coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X soon, and Remedy was placed in charge of developing its story, which will be split into multiple stories known as “Operations”, and is meant to try and adapt a lot of Crossfire’s multi-player weirdness, pulling it into a cohesive story. Xbox Wire has more:
“In the intense, fast-paced and action-packed trailer that debuted during the Showcase event you’ll get a first look at the key characters in Operation Spectre, told from the perspective of Black List, one of the two warring mercenary factions players will meet in both campaign and the multiplayer experience.
Operation Spectre is set in larger than life locations around the world including Asia and South America and introduces players to several key characters while exploring the backstory of the Black List-Global Risk conflict.
The CrossfireX campaign will be available in a Premium Battle Pass at launch in addition to a variety of modes in the free to play multiplayer experience.”

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