Crowdfunding Comics: ‘Mighty World Of McCrea’ Vol. 1 Celebrates A Career In Comics

by Olly MacNamee

John McCrea has had a long and varied career in comics – 30 years worth – and has decided to collect up a great deal of his creator-wound work into a planned 4-volume series. The fort of which is up on Kickstarter now and already smashed it’s meagre goal of £7,500. After less that 24 hours from launch, it’s more than doubled the original target, showing that there are more fans out there than McCrea may have imagined.
Including the Atheist (with Phil Hester), the Tosspot Four (with Garth Ennis), Dinosaurs Rool (with Nick Abadzis), an all-new story, ‘Rocket Station Charlie’ (with Gerry Duggan) as well as a great deal more, you can check out the campaign and the accompanying goodies here.

But, it’s not all about the comics. The Mighty World of McCrea Vol. 1 will also feature articles and added content in an attempt to mimic the amazing hardback annuals we used to get here in the UK, full of prizes, puzzles and more.
“Volume 1 has an article on Belfast’s first comic shop, Dark Horizons, which I helped start and it’s connection to Belfast’s punk scene in the late 70s/early 80s. There will be an interview with Gerry Duggan and an all-new Dead Eyes prose story written by Gerry, with all-new illustrations by me. There will also be short comics by some of my fantastically talented friends, like Hunt Emerson, Laura Howell and Martin Hand! Plus the aforementioned puzzle pages and more! It’s a wonder we can jam it all into 200 pages!” 
All in all, it’s a great looking collection and available for backing now and available in either hardback or soft back.

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