Pick Of The Week: Recommended Reading From The Past Week In Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Another week of summer gone, but what have we been reading here at Comicon HQ that we recommend you read? Here’s our favourites from this week in comics:

Black Magick #12 (Image Comics)

Writer: Greg Rucka,

Art: Nicola Scott,

Colors: Chiara Arena,

Letters:Jodi Wynne

If I thought I could jump right into this issue without re-reading the first two arcs and remember what was going on after two years, then I was sorely mistaken, but while my memory might be fuzzy on some of the ongoing storylines, that doesn’t make Black Magick #12 any less of a triumphant return. Where Rowan starts this issue and where she ends it are completely different places, yet Rucka makes the journey feel entirely unforced. Wynne’s lettering is extremely exciting, especially when she makes some of the speech bubbles transparent. To try and think of a better word than “sexy” to describe Scott’s art would be a waste of time, but it’s really the selective colors (which Arena assists on) that provide the payoff that’s makes the end of this issue (and Scott’s cover, which Eric Trautmann designed) so cool to look at, even if it’s technically bad news for our favorite witch.  – Rachel Bellwoar

X-Factor #1

Writer: Leah Williams

Art: David Baldeon

Colors: Israel Silva

Letters: Joe Caramagna

X-Factor has long been one of Marvel’s mainstay mutant titles. This volume introduces one of the most unique versions of the team, with lots of great callbacks to the past. Aurora is dead, and Northstar, her brother, knows it. However, for the resurrection protocols to initiate, the Five need proof of her death. This leads Northstar to create a team of mutants unlike any other we’ve seen, with one of the most compassionate missions possible on Krakoa- finding the lost so they can come home.
This series will be a must read for any X-Men fan, especially in the Dawn of X era. I’m excited to see what’s next and what this series will mean for the line as a whole. – Tony Thornley

X-Men #10
Writer: Johnathan Hickman
Artist: Leinil Yu,
Colorist: Sunny Gho
Letterer: Clayton Clowes
One of the biggest surprises of the Dawn of X relaunch was the return of Vulcan. The new take on the infamous Summers brother won fans over, but everyone wondered if there was more to it. In the midst of Empyre, we get the answer courtesy of X-Men #10.
The X-Men have two new threats coming out of this issue and that’s probably the most exciting thing about it. It wasn’t a perfect issue, but it was good, and I think it’s better for what it means for the future. We’re starting to see some momentum come out of this series, and that’s bringing back the excitement I last felt a year ago with House of X. – Tony Thornley

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