The Weekly 2000 AD #Prog 2193: Oh, I Wish You Were Here

by Richard Bruton

The Weekly 2000 AD… Week in and week out, giving you the preview of the new 2000 AD Prog. The UK’s best sci-fi weekly since 1977. four decades and still going strong.

Cover by Mark Harrison

Prog 2193 is out in the UK on 5 August on digital and from newsagents and comic shops. You know the drill by now – masks, wash hands, social distance, go get your copy.
Prog 2193 means the continuations of all five strips, albeit with the temporary end of The Diaboliks, which hits pause until Prog 2197. As for the other four strips, they’re presumably building to either finales or pauses when we get the next Regened issue with Prog 2196. Onward, onward, onward everyone…

JUDGE DREDD: END OF DAYS – PART 10 – Rob Williams, Henry Flint, colours by Chris Blythe, letters by Annie Parkhouse
Well, I was wrong about the Angel stepping up to save everything and defeat Pestilence. Instead, it was Anderson who saves the day. Well, Anderson and Patrick, but mostly Anderson – you’ll see what I mean.
But it does give us one of those little hmmm moments here where Anderson tells everyone that she can telekinetically draw all the released disease into one place but it just needs a living host. Which leads to this conversation:

Yeah, exactly. One of those moments of what the characters are thinking and what I’m thinking comes together. Patrick’s thoughts are mine, since when can Anderson do that? Is it going to be a thing that gets explained or one of those convenient happens because it’s needed to happen in the story things?
Anyway. Scores on the doors at the end of this one: MC-1 Gang 2 – Four Horsemen 0. Next up, it’s War. Which means, no surprise, the final Horseman is Death and there’s just 5 episodes left to deal with both of them. So, I have a theory about how that’s going to happen, particularly given the location of War and how Dredd’s seen in them there parts. But more on that next week maybe.

FULL TILT BOOGIE – PART 9 – Alex De Campi, Eduardo Ocana, letters by Simon Bowland
Prince Ifan was always going to turn out to be a nasty little so-and-so wasn’t he? Well, no surprises that the little what-not has his knife ready for a little back-stabbing.
Through the whole series, the vibe has been one of fantastical adventure, a lot of Manga/Anime influence, but here just think Game of Thrones meets Battle of the Planets, all taking place in outer space.

Thankfully, Ocana’s artwork is really up to the task. His clear-line, the smooth, fluid action, the simple yet ever so perfect expressions he draws – it’s been a big thing to enjoy in FTB. Oh yes.

THE DIABOLIKS – PROFONDO ROSSO – PART 6 – Gordon Rennie and Antonio Fuso, letters by Jim Campbell
Damien Dellamore is still locked in an Italian interrogation room, recounting the time he saw Our Lady of Vendetta, The Red Madonna, going head to head with Jennifer and her inner demon… all part of the deal Jennifer and Solomon made to take on the Sisters.

She’s hardly happy with the call she gets from Rome. Seems there is a benefit to Jenny and Solomon getting in bed with the church after all.
We hit an end, of sorts, here, with The Diaboliks’ Italian adventure finished, and the strip returning in Prog 2197. It’s been a decent start, great artwork from both Dom Reardon and Antonio Fuso throughout. Story-wise, it’s one that hasn’t really taken off as yet. The characters are good fun, the set-up seems to work well, and the end to this particular mini-story twists itself round nicely. But the art really is the star here so far.

THE ORDER – LAND OF THE FREE – PART 10 – Kek-W, John Burns, letters by Simon Bowland
I know some people really like The Order, but I’m not one of them. I’ve tried, I really have. But at no stage has it ever really made me engage beyond enjoying John Burns’ artwork. And seeing as I’m several hundred pages of The Order in by now, I honestly don’t think it’s ever going to get me either.
It happens with any anthology, you really shouldn’t be able to like everything all the time, not if the editors are doing the right thing and switching the strips around to get a good variety.
So, Francis Bacon (in the metal suit thing) attacks Philae-Delphia’s Ghost Realm, looking for Antoine Berg, son of Cyrano de Bergerac and the Worm-Woman. And other stuff. Nice art though.

THE OUT – PART 7 – Dan Abnett, Mark Harrison, letters by Annie Parkhouse
Eight weeks into her time on Orlap as part of the volunteer aid taskforce and Cyd’s finding it hard to settle in. It’s frankly, a little boring, just listening to the guns firing off in the distance.
And then they stop…

The Tankinar have arrived.
Still loving it, still absolutely loving it. In just 7 episodes Abnett and Harrison have created a really wonderful series, one I hope continues for a long time. And seeing as there’s been comparisons to Halo Jone already, maybe I can ask writer and artist if they could do what Moore and Gibson always said would happen with Halo and give us 9 series worth? Because right now, I just don’t want The Out to go away.

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