Review: A Time-Honored Tradition Renewed In ‘Legion Of Super-Heroes’ #7

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Ryan Sook

One of the oldest traditions in comics is the Legion election, dating all the way back to Adventure Comics #304, nearly sixty years ago. Now, Legion of Super-Heroes #7 revives that tradition, with a bit of a twist.

It’s a great move revisiting this tradition. It’s also the issue of the series to date that feels the most like classic Legion. It’s all brought to us by Brian Michael Bendis, Stephen Byrne, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Sharpe.

The Legion had a disastrous public appearance in the wake of the massive battle over Aquaman’s trident. It leads to the UP’s loss in faith in the team. However, it also leads Cosmic Boy towards one the toughest moments of his time with the Legion – ELECTION TIME!

This is easily the best issue of Bendis’s Legion to date, and it’s readily apparent why. Legion at its strongest is a mixture of soap opera, science fiction, and superheroics, with a dash of politics and world building mixed in. By slowing down in this issue, Bendis shows us the relationships between the characters, and lets the drama and conflict between them drive the story. It’s not a throwback by any means, but it also shows the best grasp of the concept that he’s written to date.

Byrne and Bellaire’s art is a massive boost to that though. Byrne is a remarkably talented line artist who doesn’t get enough work at the Big Two, and this issue shows why he should get more. He’s able to draw large crowd scenes that feel chaotic without feeling cluttered, but he also can go a step further and give each Legionnaire in the crowd their own personality. He’s also able to do the smaller scenes well though, with the confrontation between Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy becoming a major highlight of this run as a whole. On top of that, Bellaire’s colors are bright, and she adds a shine to the tones she uses that makes this place feel like a utopian future, which helps with script and line art create this world.

Now that it seems that Bendis has found his footing, and it could mean some great things for this title. I hope it leads to a classic run for one of the shining gems in DC’s crown.

Legion of Super-Heroes #7 is available now from DC Comics.

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