Review: The Sin-Eater Rises But Without Impact In ‘Amazing Spider-Man #45’

by James Ferguson

The Sin-Eater has returned and he’s hunting villains on the streets of New York City. Overdrive is the first criminal in his sights, forcing the man who can turn any vehicle into a racecar to drive non-stop around Manhattan. Spider-Man sweeps in thinking he’s dealing with one bad guy only to see this face from his past that he thought was long gone.

I will admit that I’m not very familiar with the Sin-Eater, so a big part of this new arc is falling flat for me. I’m sure writer Nick Spencer has some great revelations in here, but it just doesn’t pack a punch because there’s no investment with this situation, even after the recent prologue to this storyline. To me, the Sin-Eater just looks like a goofy old school villain, especially with his outlandish costume.
It also doesn’t help that at least half of this issue is just a recap of recent and past events in the lives of some of the characters, including Carlie Cooper, now working as a coroner. Marvel includes recap pages in the front of its books and that helps us get up to speed, so a lot of this is just rehashing everything that’s come up recently. I understand that every comic is someone’s first, but this feels like overkill. Letterer Joe Caramagna has the unenviable job of conveying a ton of exposition, but handles it well.

Artist Mark Bagley is a welcome sight on Amazing Spider-Man. He’s certainly no stranger to the character, bringing a dynamic energy that’s fitting for the high-speed action. This mixes well with the ominous tone of the Sin-Eater’s energy, appearing like a ghost, both literally and figuratively. Inker John Dells, aided by Andy Owens brings out all the solid details in Bagley’s pencils, creating a great texture to the imagery.
That foreboding nature is also on display in David Curiel’s colors. The usual bright, vibrant palette in Amazing Spider-Man is washed away, replaced by a drab and harsh reality. There’s a dark cloud over Peter Parker’s life and it shows in these panels.

Sins Rising” is off to a slow start. It pulls on some deep cuts, but doesn’t connect the dots just yet. Additionally, the twist at the end of this issue is out of context so that also fails to deliver on its cliffhanger impact. The whole thing just feels pretty mediocre and I’m hoping it picks up soon.
Amazing Spider-Man #45 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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