Preview: Batwoman Takes On The Joker’s Forces In ‘Detective Comics’ #1025

by Olly MacNamee

The Joker continues to run amok across Gotham City and burning through his newly acquired Wayne family fortune to do it. To see the only person who can make President Trump look sane, check out this preview of Detective Comics #1025, out Tuesday 11th August from DC Comics, from writer Peter J Tomasi with art by Kenneth Rocafort, colored by Dan Brown, and featuring Batwoman.
“‘The Joker War’ explodes with an assault on Wayne Enterprises! The Joker has taken control of Waynetech R&D – and with it, all the weapons hidden in its sublevels – plus Lucius Fox as a hostage! The Joker and his clown-masked henchmen are now using Wayne Enterprises as an armory, using sophisticated 3-D printers to produce weapons to rule Gotham City…but Batman and Batwoman might have something to say about that. It’s all-out action in this nonstop issue!”


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