UDON Entertainment Adds Robotech Jumbo Pins To Metaverse Line-Up

by James Ferguson

It’s hard to believe that Robotech is 35 years old. To celebrate this anniversary, UDON Entertainment has introduced a brand new Robotech collectible pin series featuring jumbo character pins, debuting for ReedPop Metaverse at UDONPins.com.

The first series features Rick Hunter, Lynn Minmei, Lisa Hayes, and Roy Fokker from the Macross Saga. The pins are between 5.5 and 6 inches in size and made of jewel-like cloisonne hard enamel with a multiple complex silk screen process to ensure the cel-shading and details are fully realized on each pin. All of them are based on the original design sheets by Huruhiko Mikimoto.

The packaging for these pins is designed to replicated the blister card of the original Robotech action figures from the 80s produced by Matchbox and Harmony Gold. Talk about a trip down memory lane. The back of the care is also replicated with the character bio cut-out.
Each pin is limited to only 350 copies available at UDONPins.com as single characters or a set of four while supplies last.

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