Super Sunday (Part 4): ‘Captain Marvel’ #20 Sees The Accusers Multiply

by Olly MacNamee

Carol Danvers is looking to swell the ranks of the Accusers by recruiting her friends, but how will that sit with the Skrull/Kree alliance? Find out this Wednesday 19th August in Captain Marvel #20 from Kelly Thompson, Cory Smith, Adtriano Di Benedetto, Tamra Bonvillian and Clayton Clowes. Captain Marvel #20
“THE ACCUSER CORPS! Captain Marvel recruits some of her closest allies to unravel the mystery of the Universal Weapon — and the woman she’s meant to accuse. But is Carol splitting her power just when she’ll need it most? And how is the united Kree/Skrull Empire going to react to three more HUMAN Accusers?!”

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