DC Comics Gives Readers A First Look At Catwoman #25 Milestone Issue

by Olly MacNamee

Catwoman #25 promises to be an extra-sized issue to mark this milestone moment with three stories featuring everyone’s favourite cat-themed criminal, Selina Kyle. Writer Ram V and artist Fernando Blanco take the lead with a story, “Duende,” that ties in to the ongoing ‘Joker War’, while the second story, also written by Ram V,  with artist John Paul Leon, colorist FCO Plascencia and letterer Ariana Maher in a short story about Catwoman’s return to Alleytown to start her empire.
Finally, we get a third back-up strip from Ram, Jean Paul, FCO and Ariana along with artist Juan Ferreyra – “Cat vs. Woman” – where readers get a cat’s-eye view of the life and criminal exploits of Selina Kyle.
We have an extended first look at this upcoming issue, out Tuesday 25th September from DC Comics.

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