‘Marvel’s Voices’ Expands With Indigenous Creator Showcase

by James Ferguson

Marvel’s Voices has made the jump from podcast to comics, highlighting storytellers from across the Marvel Universe. It continues to expand with November’s release of Marvel’s Voices: Indigenous Voices #1, a one-shot featuring the work of Indigenous creators helmed by Jeffrey Veregge.
Writer Rebecca Roanhorse and artist Weshoyot Alvitre tell a story of Echo as she’s set to play a critical role in future comics. Darcie Little Badger pens a tale illustrated by Kyle Charles starring Dani Moonstar as she faces a crucial question of what her Indigenous heritage means in the new era of mutantkind. Finally, Stephen Graham Jones writes a story drawn by David Cutler revisiting one of the darkest spots of X-Men history.

“C.B. and I started talking about various Native projects a year ago when discussing my “Of God’s & Heroes” Marvel art exhibit at the Smithsonian. I am truly grateful for the platform that Marvel has not only provided for me and my work, but with this edition of Marvel Voices, all of Native America,” Veregge said. “This is an opportunity to share the cultural influences that we as Native artists and writers grew up with that will add more depth and dimension to the Native Heroes in the Marvel Universe.”
I am so glad to see a book like this, highlighting voices that we haven’t heard from and most importantly, offering a valuable perspective on Indigenous characters in the Marvel Universe that have for too long been written by cis white dudes.
Marvel’s Voices started in 2018, which grew and evolved from a popular Marvel podcast into a larger program within our comics,” said Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski. “Marvel’s Voices #1, our first anthology in this program, was released this past February, and the reception from fans was incredible. It was clear we needed to do more to lift up more voices and talent and increase representation in and behind our stories. This book is the first step of our next expansion of the program to not only elevate the diverse talent we already have at Marvel, but also discover new writers and artist who can bring their voices to our characters, both old and new. And this is only the beginning.”
Marvel’s Voices: Indigenous Voices #1 is set for release in November 2020.

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