DC FanDome: Surprise DC Comics Panel – Milestone Comics

by Olly MacNamee

What with all the recent bad news coming out of DC Comics, I think many of us DC Comics fans were intrigued by this particular panel and who would be on it.
Well, as you may have seen, it was a panel that focussed on the Milestone Comics with Reggie Hudlin, Denys Cowan, Jim Lee and Phil Lamar that DC will be relaunching early next year.
Here are the highlights in case you missed it:
The guys reminisced on the origins of Milestone back at the start of the 90s (1993 to be exact) when Cowan had the initial idea for a line of superhero comics featuring an all-black set of superheroes.
Of course, Dwayne McDuffie was touched upon, with Hudlin remembering how the 80s was a “time for black people to flex,” citing record label Def Jam as a good example of African-Americans organising for themselves and coming together to create music. So, why not comics, right?

Lee remembered Milestone throwing party at a convention when no-one else was doing this. “That was a really magical time.” With the Milestone guys wearing suits, which Cowan remembers because he felt black creators had to do more to get people’s attention and business.
Talking about the plans for DC Comics to relaunch Milestone, Hudlin mention a live-action Static Shock movies as well as “a series of stories we’ll deliver as podcasts,”  and even YA content. Seems like DC Comics and Milestone have big plans.
The Milestone line will launch February 2021, with Milestone collections coming out and reprinting those older, original Milestone comic books.

Static Shock will be an ongoing DC Digital First release as well as an original graphic novel too.
As for Icon and Rocket? Well, Hudlin mention he would be writing a new series with Cowan on art. Funnily enough, except for the covers, Cowan realised he’d never really drawn these two. He is now.
And, that was it. A short panel, but with some nuggets of new that Milestone fans will be interested in, as well as the suggestion of where DC Comics is heading with more Digital First content, podcasts live action films and even comic books. Glad they’re not giving up on them then.

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