“Stay With The Plot, Nedley!” — Let’s Talk About The ‘Wynonna Earp’ Mid-Season Finale

by Erik Amaya

So … Rosita was Rosita (Tamara Duarte) after all.
We’ll admit, Wynonna Earp continues to defy our (admittedly feeble) powers of prognostication. Nonetheless, we can’t help but feel like Eve is still a threat to be deal with at some point. And now that we’ve seen Waverly (Dominque Provost-Chalkely) use her magic hands again, that also feels like something we’ll see addressed when the series returns for the second half of Season 4 next year.
But in the meantime, let’s talk about Wynonna’s (Melanie Scrofano) need for vengeance.
It’s clear the episode’s main theme was the notion of reconciliation and forgiveness. Just look at Doc’s (Tim Rozon) interest in burying the hatchet with Holt (Ty Olsson), Waverly immediately forgiving Nicole (Katherine Barrell) for her deal with Margo Clanton (Paula Boudreau) and, of course, Madea’s (Heather Lea MacCallum) attempt to get Wynonna and Rosita to fight each other in the spectral nunnery.
This last part is, in many way, the most interesting as it has a direct effect on Wynonna. She missed the key lesson here. Sure, it seems like Peacemaker finally returned to her after being berated, but it could be argued the weapon was really waiting for her to say “the job’s not done” — which has to be related to Peacemaker’s role in meting out a justice which happens to look a lot like vengeance. Then again, it also waited for her to truly let her issues with Rosita go before making itself known. And, come to think of it, Peacemaker’s first act back was to eliminate Madea, who was herself a demon obsessed with scorn, payback, and punishment.
But all of that still points back to the bigger issue. Are the Earps feeding a cycle of vengeance in spite of desire for peaceful lives? Will Wynonna only be able to find peace if she let’s Peacemaker go? Considering how quickly she took out Holt, it seems she may have to deal with that bloodthirsty streak.
It’s clear from Doc’s behavior at the end of the episode that he is not willing to carry on the grudge. And it seems whatever bond formed between him and Wynonna has been irreparably damaged — although, we thought that was the case when Wynonna shunned him for becoming a vampire. Perhaps Doc getting the chance to shun Wynonna is a fair turn.
Or maybe just more of that vengeance kicking in?
Either way, it makes Waverly’s use of the magic hands to dispatch Margot all the more interesting. Now a Gibson is part of this feud. Well, assuming Cleo (Savannah Basley) will pick up the mantle and plot against Doc and the Earps. But can any dark magic Margot claimed to know really stand up against a Nephil with unspecified-but-possibly-unlimited powers?
And while we’re on the subject of the magic hands, what did they do to Doc in the Garden? We never got a clear answer on that, but nothing on this show is forgotten forever. Just look at the way Rosita’s buyer for Baby Alice turned out to be Margot. That’s a nice throughline as raising Alice to be a Clanton would’ve been a great way to get revenge on both Doc and the Earps. As it happens, Doc was the real target as he killed all the Clantons way back when, but why have one feud when you can just keep adding to the pile?
But it seems he may still sue for peace.
Which is such an interesting place to take him. After all his gunslinging and cheating death, maybe Henry is ready to put down his burdens and make amends — even if he is still working with Amon (Noam Jenkins) through all of this.
Nevertheless, these ponderings will have to wait as the show once again goes on hiatus. For the moment, we’re left with the happy image of Waverly and Nicole finally getting engaged. We’re also left with the sad image of Wynonna in tears. Hopefully, when we’re all reunited for more episodes of Wynonna Earp, those tears will become joyous.
Wynonna Earp returns in 2021.

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