Review: Pacts Are Made And Broken In ‘White Ash #6’

by Malissa White

The moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives in this issue of White Ash! Okay, the moment I’ve been waiting for. For those of you Ashers waiting for a big moment between our hapless heroes, Aleck and Lillian, you’re in for a treat. For the rest of us, issue 6 finds Aleck and Lillian confronting Seth after his kidnapping tour of town. 

White Ash #6. Cover Art by Conor Hughes.

Reeling from several major losses and learning his magical lineage, Aleck was ready to put the rivalry between the town’s dwarf and elven populations in the rearview. The added $350,000 Aleck got from Thane for saving Lillian’s life definitely helped. But, when Katlyn goes missing during her shift at Double K, Aleck taps Lillian to help him track Seth down. The pair land right in Seth’s trap and must take down the snake once and for all. 
White Ash #6. Page Preview.

Artist Conor Hughes continues to serve playful visual storytelling. I’m continually impressed by his inventive panel design, and how he and writer Charlie Stickney manage to keep even the gorey parts light and easy to read. In this issue, however, all eyes are on Fin Cramb’s color work.
White Ash #6. Page Preview.

Cramb’s balance of colors during the Seth fight is done exceptionally well. The golden hour hues of orange and yellow work perfectly for afternoon, and highlight Seth and Lillian’s greens while binding their connection both on and off page. The scenes also mimic the peach and grays of White Ash from earlier pages, lending a sense of oncoming Fall and sunset to the comic. By the time I got to the twist ending, I felt a deeper appreciation for the work Cramb put into earlier pages and overall. 
White Ash #6. Preview Page.

White Ash and its team do another amazing job of fleshing out a fully formed world as exciting as your favorite Netflix series. While Thane’s plans hatch, I’m looking forward to Lillian and Aleck navigating White Ash’s deeply seeded mysteries. We’ll see if their bond can withstand the many battles, and betrayals, in store.
White Ash #6 is available on Scout Comics or your local comic shops!

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