The Art Of Politics : When The World Goes To Hell – Fix The Showers

by Richard Bruton

Welcome to Comicon’s Art Of Politics – where we take a good long look at the state of political cartooning and the state of the world. These days, we’re generally looking at things from behind the couch with a stiff drink.
Ben Jennings opened the month looking at the wonderfully clear and safe easing of the lockdown rules here in the UK…

And now Chris Riddell on same…

Chris Riddell on the rotten apple in the middle of the UK government…

Part of the whole easing of lockdown in the UK was the Chancellor’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme. Bless us, we get the chance to go out to restaurants and eat without masks, surrounded by lots of other people there eating without masks – and get a whopping £10pp off our food. Oh, thank you Mr Chancellor, thank you so much.
Martin Rowson on that particular farce…

So, with everything absolutely tickety-boo over the whole Cod thing (or at least that’s what the Government’s message seemed to be telling us), it was time for a nice media distraction.
Cue the next migrant crisis. Brexiteers and right-wingers coming out of the woodwork explaining how the poor souls crossing the dangerous 22 miles of the English Channel in leaking blow-up dinghys were going to destroy the country and needed to be turned back before they got here.
Music to the government’s ears. Priti Patel, who’s got a great track record on the whole immigration thing – she brought in new immigration rules that she admits would have barred her own mom and dad from getting in – immediately decided the best thing to do would be bring in the Navy. Yeah, that works.
Ben Jennings

Meanwhile, the UK plunges into the deepest recession for a long time. But hey, it’s all okay, right? Bozza’s in charge…
Brian Adcock

Martin Rowson

Mid-month, it was exam results time. Except that this year there were no exams. Covid sorted that one out.
As you might have expected, the government managed, in so many ways, to cock it up – meaning that 1,000s of poor kids around the country were left wondering about their futures. The way the government had set it up seemed really detrimental to those in common old comprehensive schools and, because of the smaller class sizes in private schools, seemed to also help the privileged. Who’d have thought a government of privately educated old Etonians, Bullingdon Boys, and millionaires would have managed that, eh?
Anyway, after a huge amount of complaints, 18-year-olds having their future university choices torpedoed due to an algorithm and more upheaval, the system is reversed, the original grades restored, and another disaster chalked up to an inept shower in the government.
Peter Schrank

Chris Riddell

Martin Rowson with a homage to that Grace Jones album…

Over in the good ol’ US of A, President Trumpet started the month off with an even more interesting interview than normal where he really went beyond the bounds of anything almost anyone could even possibly claim as facts…
David Rowe

Steve Bell on that…

And then, a day after, there was a tragic explosion in Beruit, Lebanon which decimated the city and killed at least 200 people and injured 6,000+. It was caused by the unsafe storage of Ammonium Nitrate for over six years and prompted huge protests in the country, eventually leading to the resignation of Lebanon’s Prime Minister and the entire cabinet.
And President Trump immediately started using the word ‘attack’ in his press conference.
I’ve met with some of our great generals and they just seem to feel that it was not a — some kind of manufacturing explosion type of event. This was a — seems to be according to them, they would know better than I would, but they seem to think it was an attack. It was a bomb of some kind.
Not surprisingly, defence officials didn’t want to go on the record because we all know what happens to honest men and women who contradict the Pres. But they were reported as saying they didn’t know what the Pres was talking about.
Steve Bell on the whole sad, tragic thing…

Of course, with Covid cases rising, international unrest, and so many other terrible things going on in the world, Pres Trumpy decided that the most important thing to be talking about mid-month was the fact that the USA had water saving rules that limited the pressure on showers.
You cannot make this stuff up, can you?
Steve Bell

And then Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his prospective VP in the upcoming Presidential election.
Morten Morland

Cue the start of the Trump attacks…
David Rowe

Faced with concentrating on the Covid-19 pandemic, Trump decided it was far more important to win the November election. Cue assault on the mail-in voting and an even bigger assault on the US Postal Service, which will, of course, affect the ability of US voters to actually use those mail-in votes.
Nicola Jennings on that one…

And through August we had first the Democratic and then the Republican National Congress. Biden and Harris et all got up and spoke of the things going wrong in America, blaming the current regime. And then Trump and the family got up and used their time to speak of how everything going wrong in America was all the fault of the Democrats. Which was… well, rather strange. But hardly unexpected.
The RNC, in particular, was different as it saw Trump, his cabinet members, his family, and his staff use every aspect of his political office, up to and including using the White House as a backdrop, for partisan political activity. You’d think there was a law against this sort of thing, wouldn’t you? Well, actually there is – the Hatch Act, but like most other laws in the USA, the current president and his staffers just seemed to ignore that minor thing.
So what we had was a President turning the RNC into something of a celebration of him and his family, more monarchist than presidential…
Chris Riddell

And Seamus Jennings on the same…

And Peter Brookes

And of course, it wouldn’t be a month in America without some issue over race and guns. Sadly August was no exception. We had black lives not mattering so much and white lives seemingly mattering just that little more, particularly those holding long rifles and proclaiming themselves a militia and walking the streets in a perfect definition of the chilling words ‘Active Shooter’ such as we tragically saw in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the tragic shooting of Jacob Blake.
With the Black Lives Matter movement quite rightly not standing down and an increasingly militant (and armed) white supremacist minority taking their own disgusting stand – things are just going to get worse before they get any better. But they can and should get better – but when is another matter.
Peter Shrank on the President watching a country burn…

Steve Bell on guns in America…

Pat Bagley on the head of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, stoking fears that “evil, conniving Libs” we’re coming for your guns to defraud NRA members.

And finally, Clay Jones, addressing things head-on where others may have chosen to come at things from different directions….
On Kenosha

The House that Trump built

The Kenosha commotion

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