John Ridley Takes On The Fox Family In ‘Batman: The Joker Warzone’ #1 Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Realising that DC Comics have got a huge hit on their hands with James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez and Guillem March current Joker War storyline, we get news that a new one-shot, Batman: The Joker Warzone #1, will be released to tie-in with this saga.
Writer by Sam Johns (DC’s Crimes of Passion, November’s Punchline #1) and artist Laura Braga (DC Bombshells, Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica) take on the lead story, “Ashes of Eden,” spotlighting the return of Poison Ivy to Gotham City and following the events of Batman #98, while James Tynion IV and artist James Stokoe take on Gotham’s newest vigilante, Clownhunter in “Clown Hunt”. The final strip in this three-story book is by Oscar-winning John Ridley and Olivier Coipel. The title, “Family Ties,” may or may not give you a taste of what he’s planning to do in his recently announced Batman mini-series in which many are betting we get to see a black Batman as it will focus on the Fox family, as you can see from the preview provided below:
“Gotham City is a battleground as The Joker has taken over the Wayne fortune and is waging a street war against the Dark Knight and his allies! Enter the “war zone” with short stories featuring characters like Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and Luke Fox and see how they’re fighting back against a city under siege! Also, the true identity of the mysterious new Clownhunter is revealed!”
Batman: The Joker War Zone #1 also includes a Joker/Bane story by Tynion and Guillem March, as well as a Cassandra Cain/Spoiler tale from The Flash writer Joshua Williamson with artist David LaFuente. That’s quite a lot for a 48 page comic book!
Batman: The Joker Warzone #1 is out Tuesday, September 29th from DC Comics.

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