Review: Questions Of Heart In ‘G.I. Joe’ #8

by Benjamin Hall

Warning of spoilers!

Cover A by artist Niko Walter is the closest of the three covers to the actual plot of this issue. Not to mention that it has the most minimalistic design and cleanest line work. Though the cover art by artists Freddie Williams II and Adam Gorham for the other two covers is commendable. Williams’ style is one that those who prefer impressionism may appreciate more. While Gorham’s art has a focus on realism and texture, but he could improve with a little more focus on reflective sources. As for the colors to Cover B by Jeremy Colwell they are much more diverse than those on the other two covers. However, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick provides a more realistic palette for the Retailer Incentive Cover.

The interiors see a change with this issue’s art being by artist Emma Vieceli instead of Chris Evenhuis. Although this may turn off some readers who prefer the more utilitarian style of Evenhuis one cannot say that Vieceli is a bad artist. Vieceli brings a unique thinness to her lines while at the same time being able to suggest details in direct and subtle ways. For example, there is the ability to overtly display this issue’s plot on the first page. This overt image also has the subtle suggestion of not being what it appears. However, there is a problem with visual consistency of relatively unimportant small details. The color palette that Brittany Peer provides is slightly wider than past issues, and this is due to Peer using a greater variety of tones.

Writer Paul Allor writes an overall strong script, especially when it comes to two plot device characters feeling like actual characters. Unfortunately, the script also seems a little weaker than past issues. This weakness is due to this issue’s protagonist being in emotional turmoil without a proper build-up for the internal conflict. As for the lettering by Neil Uyetake, it is nearly flawless in terms of placement and size. The only arguable flaw is that the font style works slightly better with Evenhuis’s art.

G.I. Joe #8 (2020) Cover A art by Niko Walter.

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