DC Comics Announce Month Long ‘Endless Winter’ Event

by Olly MacNamee

Not satisfied by winning Summer with Dark Nights: Death Metal, it would seem DC Comics has its eyes on the holiday season too this winter with a 9 issue crossover event that sees the world’s greatest heroes take on yet another ancient evil, the Frost King. Justice League: Endless Winter, co-written by Ron Marz and Andy Lanning and will be told over 9 one-shot specials with the following one-shots and features Black Adam as well as the Viking Knight:

  • Justice League: Endless Winter #1 (on sale December 1) with art by Howard Porter and Marco Santucci and cover by Mikel Janin

  • The Flash #767 (on sale December 8) with art from Clayton Henry and Marco Santucci and cover by Clayton Henry

  • Superman: Endless Winter Special #1 (on sale December 8), art by Phil Hester, Ande Parks, and Marco Santucci and cover by Francis Manapul

  • Aquaman #66 (on sale December 15), with art by Miguel Mendonça and Marco Santucci and cover by Mike McKone

  • Justice League #58 (on December 15), art by Xermanico and Marco Santucci, with cover by Francis Manapul

  • Teen Titans: Endless Winter Special #1 (on sale December 15), featuring art by Jesus Merino and Marco Santucci, and cover by Bernard Chang

  • Justice League Dark #29 (on sale December 22), art by Amancay Nahuelpan and Marco Santucci, cover by Kyle Hotz

  • Black Adam: Endless Winter Special #1 (December 22), art by Brandon Peterson and Marco Santucci, featuring cover by Dale Eaglesham

  • Justice League: Endless Winter Special #2 (December 29), with art by Howard Porter, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Marco Santucci, and cover by Mikel Janin

“1000 years ago, a disparate group of heroes – Hippolyta, Black Adam, Swamp Thing and the Viking Prince – banded together to prevent the world from freezing at the hands of the Frost King, an exiled Norse god with the ability to control entire ecosystems. The heroes triumphed, but victory came at a terrible price, one that has been kept secret until now.”
Look out for this month long event starting on Tuesday December 1st with Justice League: Endless Winter #1

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