DC FanDome: ‘Young Justice’ To Return As ‘Young Justice: Phantoms’

by Erik Amaya

Young Justice is getting another season.
That should be celebration enough, but as revealed at the animated program’s DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse presentation on Saturday, the series will also get a new subtitle: Young Justice: Phantoms. The show began to using subtitles in its second season, but Young Justice: Invasion and continued the naming scheme when it returned on DC Universe as Young Justice: Outsiders. That subtitle gave a strong hint to the storyline and Phantoms is no different.
As heard in the specially produced audio play, said to be the first episode of “Season 3.9,” during the presentation, the season will see older team members like Connor (Nolan North) and Megan (Danica McKellar) further embracing growing up while a certain forces gather to once again put the extended team — and the families they’ve created — in danger.
Oddly, though, it is unclear where the series will appear. It is possible it may stay on DC Universe, but it is also possible it may find a new home on HBO Max. All of that depends on what AT&T decides to do with the niche service Young Justice called home for the last few years.
According to executive producer Greg Wiseman, the season is currently in production with everyone working remotely. “It’s not as fun as working in an office,” he said. “But the fact is, we’re all pretty lucky [to be] working on this show.”
Young Justice: Phantoms will debut in the near future.

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