‘StoneAge World’ Celebrates The Autumn Season In Latest Update

by Gary Catig

The autumn update for the popular mobile pet collecting MMORPG, StoneAge World, has arrived and players have even more new content to enjoy. Netmarble has included several seasonal events and prizes that trainers of different levels can enjoy.
From now until September 24, there are two events exclusive to the Ramir and Veldor prehistoric pet families. These events provide a higher probability of capturing pets from the two families with the former found in second floor of Ayu’s Castle while the latter can be found on the second floor of the Forest Cave. The balance for the Ramir, Veldor and Kaki pets have also been upgraded during the event.
The newly added Manmo Lucky Tickets are also available in the item shop. If three or more of the same trainers come out scratching the lucky ticket, players will win one item from an assortment of prizes. Rank is calculated using the number of same trainers. The best prize involves redeeming tickets with six of the same trainer types and results in a S~S + level of four-star Pet Exchange Tickets.
Also, to celebrate the upcoming autumn season, the Stone Discount Event will be held for players to begin growing pets that have been delayed. In addition, players can take advantage of a 50% off sale on Pet Training Stones and Modify Pet Growth Rate Stones.
StoneAge World is currently available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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