Watch The Opening Titles For ‘Batman: Death In The Family’

by Erik Amaya

Batman: Death in the Family will be out on Blu-ray in just a couple of weeks and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is celebrating that with an early look at the film’s stylish title sequence. Designed by writer/producer/director Brandon Vietti and executed by Supervising Technical Director Matt Girardi, and his team at Warner Bros. Animation, it’s the sort of thing you wish every movie had.

The short film, a part of the DC Showcase series, is a unique interactive experience on its Blu-ray release. Incorporating elements from Batman: Under the Red Hood, the film acts as a chose-your-own-adventure in which you can prevent the death of Jason Todd, see him double down as the murderous Red Hood, or even take on the Hush persona. And while based on the landmark 1988 story, its way of voting Jason in or out is a far more malleable decision. If Superboy-Prime had access to this, Infinite Crisis would have had a very different outcome.
Death in Family also anchors a re-release of several earlier Showcase shorts, including Sgt. Rock, Death, Adam Strange, and The Phantom Stranger. The Blu-ray release also features audio commentaries on some of the shorts and a so-called “linear” version of A Death in the Family which, presumably, tells the story in a fashion more familiar to original comic book storyline.
Batman: A Death in the Family comes to Blu-ray on October 13th.

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