Joe Manganiello May Or May Not Be A Superhero In A Trailer For ‘Archenemy’

by Erik Amaya

Actor Joe Manganiello has been close to superhero movies for sometime. He was considered for Superman Returns and made a cameo as Deathstroke in Justice League. So, it is fitting that this trailer for the upcoming film Archenemy sees Manganiello as Max Fist, a man who claims to be a super-powered do-gooder from another dimension. But when his new friend Hamster (Skylan Brooks) is threaten by some genuinely bad people, he jumps into action and proves he is a hero of some stripe. Unfortunately, it is entirely possible his superpower is just a chemical imbalance.

And while we would have loved to see him lead a now long-defunct Deathstroke film, it’s nice to Manganiello finally get the lead in a hero picture. Written and directed by Daniel Isn’t Real‘s Adam Egypt Mortimer, the film also stars Zolee Griggs, Amy Seimetz, and Glenn Howerton. Also, like many of 2020’s releases, the film will be pulling off a day-and-date strategy with movie theaters and on demand VOD outlets to bring the movie to venues audiences feel comfortable using — whether that be the multiplex, the drive-in, or their homes. Well, at least, I’m hoping the movie will be at one of my nearby drive-ins as I’m lucky enough to have a couple in reasonable driving distance. This has the right kind of energy for a that sort of environment, so if you are also lucky enough to have one nearby, check your listings for Archenemy when it debuts on December 11th.
(h/t: THR)

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