Batman Gives Jason An Important Warning In This “Batman: Death In The Family” Clip

by Erik Amaya

Since it utilizes elements of Batman: Under the Red Hood, this clip from the upcoming Batman: Death in the Family sticks with the early film’s telling of Jason Todd’s encounter with the Joker — particularity, Ra’s Al Ghul’s involvement in those events. But as seen in the following clip from the new film, a flashback to that fateful day makes it very clear that Jason has no business going to Joker’s bunker alone. Granted, self-assertiveness is one of Jason’s greatest strengths and weaknesses.

Starring Bruce Greenwood as Batman and Vincent Martella as Jason, the Blu-ray release of Death in the Family allows the viewer to decide Jason’s fate. Is he too headstrong to live? Will he remain Robin? And will he update his costume with some green accents? At least some of these choices will be yours.
Okay, I’ll be honest, that mostly red “One Year Later” Robin costume never sits right with me.
Besides the interactive version of Death in the Family, the Blu-ray comes with a bevy of other DC Showcase shorts, including Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, Death, and The Phantom Stranger. A few of the shorts also have commentaries and other special features. It sounds like a great set as the DC Showcase films are not as beholden to the continuities of the DC direct-to-video range and often go more for an atmosphere than a continuing story.
Batman: Death in the Family comes to Blu-ray on October 13th.

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