NYCC 2020: ‘Doctor Who’ Behind Bars For Holiday Special; Season 13 To Begin Production Soon

by Erik Amaya

While the assembled cast of Doctor Who could not offer a lot of details about the upcoming holiday special, “Revolution of the Daleks,” star Jodie Whittaker was able to offer a premise during a New York Comic Con Metaverse chat on Thursday. Granted co-stars Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh added some clarification.
As the above photo, also released during the panel, suggests, the Doctor (Whittaker) will be spending a long time in that prison she materialized into at the end of Season 12. “The Doctor is away from the gang and has no idea what’s happening on Earth,” Whittaker explained. Meanwhile, the gang is back in Sheffield and trying to get on with their lives. According to Gil, Yaz is having the hardest time being away from the TARDIS, but any attempts at a typical British life are shattered when they discovers a Dalek on Earth.
“Talk about being thrown in the deep end,” joked Walsh.
While it is still unclear when the special will air — Whittaker’s tenure as the Doctor has been marked with New Year’s Day specials instead of the Christmas episodes which typified the show since its 2005 return — the star mentioned she is in preparation to get back to work on the next season. The status quo will be different as both Walsh and Tosin Cole, who plays fellow companion Ryan, will reportedly stay on Earth. Gil, who will carry on with the Doctor as Yaz, suggested production will begin in the next couple of weeks. And though it seems Walsh’s time as a Doctor Who regular is over — some reports suggest both he and Cole will guest star in the new season — he said the new year will be “titanic” in its storytelling. Considering the way Season 12 upended the show’s history, his words better not be some idle boast.
Doctor Who returns in “Revolution of the Daleks” this holiday season.

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