X Of Swords- Captain Britain Faces An Unbeatable Foe In ‘Excalibur’ #14

by Tony Thornley

Details about X of Swords were largely kept under wraps until the event started. However, we’ve learned that the X-Men are about to face an incredible battle unlike any other they’ve faced so far.

Excalibur #14 cover by Mahmud Asrar

In X of Swords: Creation, the Hell dimension of Arakko and Amenth revealed their intent to invade Krakoa. However, Saturnyne of Otherworld stopped the invasion by proposing a tournament. Since then, the X-Men have begun to search for the swords they need to fight, but no one has learned who their opponent is… yet.

As revealed by Marvel in a press release, in Excalibur #14 Betsy Braddock, aka Captain Britain, is about to face Isca of Arakko. The press release came with the tagline “witness a battle to the death.” This does not bode well for Betsy, as the X of Swords prelude in X-Men #12 revealed Isca’s mutant power is to literally be unbeatable. She was even compelled to betray Arakko while the nation was being conquered by Amenth because Arakko was about to be beaten.

We’ll see how the story unfolds in Excalibur #14 this November, from Tini Howard & Phil Noto!

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