‘Green Lantern’ Gets 10-Episode Commitment On HBO Max

by Erik Amaya

Green Lantern is going to series.
Deadline reports the HBO Max version of Green Lantern will be executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Seth Grahame-Smith. The names are interesting. Berlanti and Guggenheim are credited writers on the infamous Green Lantern feature film while Graham-Smith was once attached to direct The Flash feature. It all sort of sounds like a chance to get in right this time.
The ten-episode series will focus on the Green Lantern Corp — a dedicated group of space cops with insanely powerful rings limited only by the bearer’s imagination and the color yellow. It will feature the live-action debut of GLs like Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz and Alan Scott. The latter is the original version of the character created in the 1940s by Martin Nodell. Presumably, he’ll be updated to be something of a precinct captain to the younger GLs patrolling Space Sector 2814.
Alien favorites like Sinestro and Kilowog will also appear — though it is unclear what sort of Sinestro we’ll see. Previously, HBO Max suggested the show would take its cues from “The Sinestro Corp War,” in which the character is a fully-realized villain. But it is easy to see the trio of producers wanting to tell the story of the character’s fall from grace; an idea Berlanti and Guggenheim toyed with in the Green Lantern film, but never really explored. HBO Max also said the series will tell two stories — decades apart — in parallel. So perhaps we’ll see Sinestro as both the leader of his own fear-based Lantern corp and as the heroic space cop he once was.
This presumably means Hal Jordan will also be in the frame, but we’ll be honest, we’ve always liked the Corps concept more when it includes a multitude of characters in addition to Hal.
The prestige series was the first announced for the streamer, though production has yet to ramp up. Other DC projects in development for HBO Max include a Strange Adventures anthology series, James Gunn‘s Peacemaker series with John Cena, and J.J. AbramsJustice League Dark project.

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