X Of Swords- Cable Faces A Mysterious Opponent

by Tony Thornley

Marvel’s regular teasers for X of Swords match-ups continue this week, revealing Cable’s opponent. And this one is a bit of a head scratcher.

Cover by Phil Noto

So far we’ve learned that Captain Britain is facing Isca, a warrior whose power is to be literally unbeatable, Wolverine will face Solem, a swordsman who is Logan’s opposite in every way, and Magik is squaring off against Pogg Ur-Pogg, the crocodile Kaiju who’s already captured the hearts of X-Men fandom. Now we know a fourth match-up coming in Cable #6- Cable versus Bei, the Blood Moon.

The most interesting thing about this match-up is that we know nothing about Bei. For Isca, thanks to several small flashback appearances, we know she’s unbeatable. Solem put his incredible charm and deadly skill on display in Wolverine and X-Force. Pogg Ur-Pogg was an instant breakout, and has been front and center for much of the story’s marketing.

As for Bei? We know his name and have seen a couple notes about his design in a model sheet by Pepe Larraz. So is Cable evenly matched? Is the young X-Man going to be in for a fight? Or are we about to experience a massive paradox as a time traveller falls long before he’s destined to?

We’ll see in Cable #6 by Gerry Duggan & Phil Noto, part 19 of X of Swords, coming in November!

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