‘Beef Bros’ Delivers Gonzo Eye-Popping Super Hero Action On Kickstarter

by James Ferguson

If you’re tired of corporate-owned super heroes, Beef Bros is for you. The aspirational leftist super hero comic from creators Aubrey Sitterson and Tyrell Cannon follows two happy-go-lucky bodybuilders who help out their community just because they should. They’re not fighting criminals though. Instead, they’re taking the fight to bad guys like sadistic cops and greedy landlords.

Sitterson and Cannon are joined by colorist Fico Ossio and letterer Taylor Esposito. They’re running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of the first issue, clocking in at 32 pages.

Aside from the ideals espoused by the characters, what I love most about Beef Bros is this stellar video that accompanies the campaign. I don’t usually bother with Kickstarter videos, but I’ve watched this one twice. It’s pretty awesome and it got me super pumped about this project.

The Kickstarter campaign for Beef Bros #1 runs through November 26th, 2020. Rewards include digital and physical copies of the first issue, stickers, commissions, and original artwork.

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