NCBD Indie Picks: Three New Indie Titles For Consideration

by Olly MacNamee

During the worst of the pandemic, we here at took the time to champion a good few independent creators creating comics without the backing of big publishers such as Image Comics, Dark Horse and Vault Comics. And so, on this new comic book day and every subsequent one going forward, we thought we would revisit this with a selection of previews for all new comics available online through comiXology.

So, in this inaugural new column we select three top picks for new books coming out today and available through comiXology.

Webster the Spider-Monkey #1 (Ah Yeah! Comics)

Written and illustrated by Art Baltazar

“Secreted Origins! – The secret origin issue!!! Webster reflects on what has happened to him and his friends. But one of his pals is not ready to reminisce. Next enters the villain… Doctor Octoplatypus! Looks like he has something against our hero Let’s hope his first issue won’t be his last!! Written, drawn, and created by award winning Famous Cartoonist Art Baltazar. True story.”

The Crinoline Crime Club #1 (Gee Whiz Entertainment)
Written and illustrated by Steve Stamatiadis
“Renard Rouge – The somewhat famous, Inspector Rodger Roget has been tasked with protecting an exhibition of the Kugelbrecher Diamond. It’s a real shame then when the infamous thief known as the Renard Rouge happens to steal it from right under his nose. Roget gives chase across the rooftops but it turns out the there might be more to all of this than he expects…”
Lowry Walk #1 (Chris Doherty)
Written and illustrated by Chris Doherty
“House Where Nobody Lives – A masked killer has started stalking the streets of Manchester.
What connection, if any, do they have to local writer Emma Bates and a small town street called.. Lowry Walk?”

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