Kickstarting Comics: ‘Wahcommo’ – A Dark Fantasy Graphic Novel From Luis NCT

by Olly MacNamee

Over the past year we have acquired a taste for covering the odd crowdfunded comic or two, especially as this year has seen a good deal of growth in that market, in some part due to Covid-19, I imagine. But, with the likes of Jimmy Palmiotti, Scott Snyder and Tony Daniels turning to such sources of income to grow their brand and their bank balances, I’m not too surprised. Although, for less well known creators, it can still be a big slog and an even bigger bet on themselves too.

Well, today we bring you a spotlight on a campaign that has just over a week to go and has already smashed its own goal by over 200% and falls into the latter category of creators I mention above.

Cover by Karl Kerschl

Wahcommo is an all-new fantasy graphic novel from Killadelphia colour artist Luis Nuñez de castro Torres (Luis NCT). It’s described as The Lord of the Rings with a Scandinavian twist, and tells the tale of a warrior that rises through the ranks to be the best of the best. But, this time round it’s a female called Kaya who secretly enters the trials to become the prized fighter of the tribe. So a little bit of Mulan thrown in too. Oh, and the hardcover comes with a cover from one of my favourite fantasy artist of the moment, Karl Kerschl (Isola).

“Every generation, the bravest warrior in the tribe is tasked with venturing north to the Lost City of their ancestors to retrieve a portion of the treasure their forefathers had abandoned fleeing the cataclysm that nearly wiped them out. The trials are hard and many, but so is the quest this individual will inherit.

This time, however, to the surprise of many, the chosen warrior is a young woman. 

Kaya secretly entered herself into the trials, unwilling to accept the age-old assumption placed on women to become mothers and homebuilders. While forced to be accompanied by the male runner-up, an eager boy named Fox, she vows to prove the old traditions have expired by coming back loaded with riches.

The two set off on a fantastic journey filled with orcs, goblins, giants, and ghosts, encountering both physical and moral dilemma in an adventure that could rewrite their people’s history.”

Want more? Well, you can also check out an 11 page preview here that might sway you.

Sample page

As ever there are various price points for you to pledge as well as various stretch goals that you’ll benefit from should you choose to back this all new, original graphic novel.

For more on pledges, price ranges and more head on over to the Kickstarter campaign page here.


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