Art For Art’s Sake #78: The Genius Of Alex Toth

by Richard Bruton

Another week of 2020 marked off, are we feeling any better yet? Nope, thought not. So, here’s a little art for your soul… it’s Comicon, it’s Art For Art’s Sake

Alex Nino art from Satan’s Tears (Via David Roach)

John Bolton‘s colour art from Marada the she-wolf

Perfect advice from Jules Scheele

Captain America – Red, White, & Blue by Evan Dorkin

Andi Watson Constantine


John K Snyder III – Kirby’s Big Barda, Mr Miracle, Oberon…

Gary Erskine – Boba Fett

Dan McDaid – Abslom Daak

And another McDaid – Hawkeye

Richard Piers-Raynor – Dredd commission based on the classic Haunting of Sector House 9

Kev Crossley – double Dredd head commissions

Simon Fraser – ‘I’m not much for drawing superheroes. I don’t really get them anymore. Angry old men tho…I get that. A commission from a few years back.’

Edward Gorey – The Listing Attic (Via Tim Tipton at Today’s Inspiration)

Hunt Emerson – Roger Bacon, 13th Century philosopher and genius, one of the 43 Great Occultists featured in the new 112-page comic book by Kevin Jackson and Hunt Emerson, Lives of the Great Occultists, out now.


And we’ll end it all this week with a little Alex Toth – a lot of these from the great Alex Toth Page on FB.

Toth, for any that don’t know, is one of the artist’s artists, his wonderful thick lines, his incredible composition… it’s just superb.

Young Romance #163 (Jan 1970)

Lev Gleason’s Boy Loves Girl #46 May 1954…No Love for Me

Merchants of Death #3 covers…

Black Canary

House of Mystery


EC Frontline Combat #12F-86 Sabre Jet!” 1953 – beautiful work from Toth from Harvey Kurtzman’s script.

“SSSSSPPPRRRTTTZZZZZ” from Plop #11 pencils/inks/letters by Toth, script by Steve Skeates.

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