‘Pennyworth’ Season 2 Trailer Offers A Stylish Glimpse At The Battle Ahead

by Erik Amaya

Pennyworth still has a job to do and, as seen in this trailer IGN posted for the second season on Tuesday, it will still be in a stylish way.

The series, which recasts Batman’s butler and parents as a key participants in a 20th Century version of the English Civil War, returns to the action one year later with Lord Harwood (Jason Flemyng) having escape prison and igniting a firefight for the realm. “It’s much more good guys versus bad guys,” creator Bruno Heller said during a New York Comic Con panel in October. But as seen in the above trailer, Alfred (Jack Bannon), Thomas (Ben Aldridge), and Martha (Emma Paetz) will still be wearing some great looking clothes for the battles ahead.

The trailer also gives us more of a glimpse of Bet’s (Paloma Faith) new uniform, a costume conferring a rank Lord Harwood gives her because of her undying loyatly. As Faith put it in October, “She’s the sort of person who gets carried away in the uniform.” The preview also features a brief look at Lucius Fox (Simon Manyonda), who will seemingly be key to Harwood’s plan. As Heller explained in October, he will start out working for the bad guys, but find his way to the Wayne side, eventually.

Pennyworth returns December 13th on Epix.

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