Darkness Overtakes The Earth In February’s ‘King In Black’ Tie-Ins

by Tony Thornley

In December, King In Black begins, kicking off the next chapter in Venom’s character redefining story. In February though, Earth’s heroes fight back desperately in several newly announced tie-ins!

Things already don’t look good for Earth’s heroes, but in February it looks to get worse. In King In Black #4, by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, the X-Men fight off Knull’s forces as the war with the symbiote god escalates across the Earth. However, that’s not the only front that Earth’s heroes are fighting as revealed in multiple tie-ins and one shots.

In King In Black: Captain America, Danny Lore and Mirko Colak chronicle Captain America, Falcon, and the Winter Soldier’s battle against Knull’s forces on the streets of Manhattan. Meanwhile, in King In Black: Black Panther, T’Challa is torn between his duty to Wakanda and his duty as the leader of the Avengers by Geoffrey Thorne and German Peralta. On the high seas, King In Black: Marauders puts Red Queen Kate Pryde and her crew face to face with Knull’s monstrous army in a tale by Gerry Duggan and Luke Ross. However, the price might be highest in Fantastic Four #29 by Dan Slott and Ze Carlos as a symbiote bonds with a member of the Four!

“The King in Black is very much an all-hands on deck, end of the world, omega-level threat. It’s going to bring together some allies that will have to put aside some ancient beefs and problems in order to come together,” Cates said in a recent interview with CBR. “I can’t wait for everybody to read issue #1 and see just how front and center Krakoa is! I have to give enormous props to Jonathan Hickman and the entire team. I also have to give them to Dan Slott, Jason, Aaron, and Gerry Duggan who kind of pulled double duty with his work on the X-Titles and the other books he writes. Also to Chip Zdarsky, and really everyone at Marvel.”

Check out the fantastic covers for the event tie-ins in our gallery below and watch for more information about Marvel’s February comics later this month!


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