Watch The First Episode Of The BBC’s ‘Daleks!” Animated Series

by Erik Amaya

Though some of the animation in the BBC’s Daleks! animated series may remind you of early attempts at computer animated cartoons — some camera moves seem lifted directly from ReBoot — it still has a lot going for it. For one thing: Dalek voice Nicholas Briggs plays nearly all the parts: from the crafty Dalek Emperor to the conniving Dalek Strategist; bringing a voice strangely reminiscent of Davros to the part. It also has Ayesha Antoine as the voice of the Chief Archivan. Her cool, collected demeanor comes in handy when the Dalek Emperor challenges her to a sass battle. And as you can see for yourself in the first episode, she is far more sly than you might expect from a robotic library administrator.

Consider us curious. What race could overpower the Emperor like that? And who has the ability to move an entire planet’s worth of people — and an important archive — across space and time? Sure, the animation is dodgy at times, but the first episode of Daleks! has us interested in what will become of the Emperor and his court when they are, seemingly, abducted. As the Doctor once observed, a single Dalek can wipe out a large metro era. Will the Emperor prove as strong or will he finally pah for his crimes against the universe?

The series, a part of the Time Lord Victorious publishing initiative, is a self-contained story. But we expect some glimmer of the other tales in the line to shine through as the program continues for the next few weeks.

(h/t: Doctor Who News)

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