Preview: Summer Is Coming To An End In ‘Lumberjanes’ #75

by Brendan M. Allen

Summer break is nearly over, but the ‘Janes aren’t quite ready to give it up. Co-creator and original series artist Brooklyn Allen returns for End of Summer, Part Three in BOOM! Box’ Lumberjanes #75. 

‘With the campgrounds and cabins of Miss Qiunzella’s camp full to bursting with scared campers, cryptids, and literal wild animals, time is running out to save themselves from the Grey! 

With camp director Rosie and Bearwoman Nellie losing control of themselves, and Diane off searching for godly help on Mount Olympus, the rest of the mortal Lumberjanes are the last hope to save their home-away-from-home!’

Lumberjanes #75 hits spinner racks on November 18, 2020. Check out the preview pages below.

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