Review: A Journey Ends In ‘Action Comics’ #1027

by Tony Thornley


The Invisible Mafia learns once and for all what it means to mess with the Man of Steel.


One chapter of Superman’s life is about to come to an end. It all comes down to one last battle with the Invisible Mafia in Action Comics #1027.

The Invisible Mafia have plagued Superman and his allies for nearly three years now. It’s been a difficult fight, but it’s made for a hell of a read. It all ends in this issue from Brian Michael Bendis, John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson, Brad Anderson, and Dave Sharpe.

The Kents find themselves face to face with the Red Mist- the last member of the Invisible Mafia standing. Meanwhile Lois Lane faces difficult questions of her own. It all leads up to one last shocker in the creative team’s penultimate issue!

Bendis focuses on his strengths in this issue as it’s a little bit lighter on action, but heavy on character interaction. His Lois Lane continues to be a highlight, as her confrontation with FBI Agent Cameron Chase plays a game of cat and mouse that I would love to have seen drawn out over several more issues. His bonds between the different members of the Superman family are extremely well written also, giving readers interactions that I think the Superman comics have been missing for a long time. Whoever picks up the titles after Bendis would be smart to continue that.

Romita’s figure work is still a little awkward (I’m still stuck on his depiction of Brainiac 5 flying), but this is a stronger issue than the last. There are a few standout pages by him and Janson, such as a confrontation in the Phantom Zone, and the splash page revealing the Red Mist’s final fate. It’s does help the character moments land, especially in the Lois plotline, but still a bit of a letdown after Bendis’s run started so strong artistically.

In the end, a strong story does overcome the artistic shortcomings, and I’m still sorry to see Bendis leaving. I’d definitely love to see his follow-up to this story, now that it’s complete.

Action Comics #1027 is available now from DC Comics.

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