‘Wonder Woman 1984’ To Be Presented In 4K On HBO Max (Where Available)

by Erik Amaya

The latest bit of Wonder Woman 1984 news will appeal to the A/V geeks (like us) out there.

Director Patty Jenkins announced on Tuesday that the film will be available in 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos when it premieres December 25th in the US. Those terms all relate to various methods to make 4K — the next step up from High Definition — look dazzling. We’ve only successfully played with 4K and Dolby Vision settings on the recent 4K release of Jaws, but the results can and do look stunning — at least to the A/V enthusiast’s eye. Outside of the greater clarity, the biggest selling point is the increased fidelity and richness of colors. Try a movie like Flash Gordon and you’ll see why a 4K panel might be worth the investment.

Provided, of course, you’re in a position to buy one. Many are not this year and that is a very sad thing.

Beyond the economic issues, HBO Max’s 4K output is only available on select devices like Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Amazon Fire TV Cube and 4K Fire TV Edition smart TVs, Chromecast Ultra, AT&T TV, and supported Android TVs. It’s such a confusing list, we’re not sure the 4K TV we have access to will be able to get the film in the higher resolution. Also, it should be said, 4K video eats up a lot of bandwidth and not all ISPs are ready to serve files of that size to their consumers. Netflix charges a premium for it and that’s assuming your internet plan will accommodate it!

While a 4K presentation will offer those with all the technical issues sorted a more theater-like experience, it also underscores how divisive modern technology can be going into the 21st Century’s third decade. Nevertheless, those in the US with internet access will be able to see the film on December 25th whether or not they are 4K-ready.

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