Ferg & Sons Review: A Slam Dunk For ‘Donut Feed The Squirrels’

by James Ferguson

In an effort to further encourage my children – Oliver (7) and Parker (5) – to read, I’ve been searching for anything and everything that might pique their interests. Considering they ask me for donuts daily, Donut Feed the Squirrels was a perfect fit. The graphic novel from Mika Song follows Norma and Belly, two hungry squirrels looking for breakfast. Their quest brings them to a local donut truck, but getting their hands on these sweet delights is easier said than done.

Donut Feed the Squirrels has a playful tone from the very beginning. The design for Norma and Belly is simple, yet effective. They boil down to basic shapes, yet you get a good idea of their personalities from them. Norma is taller and skinnier, always thinking, while Belly is shorter and rounder, often with a puzzled expression.

Much of the book is focused on the squirrels, often without anything in the background. Song keeps this interesting by frequently moving the characters around to add some more context to their conversations.

This was a hit with both kids. Parker is still learning how to write, so he drew a picture of Norma and Belly and explained what he liked about the book:

I like when they got the donut and they broke the donut truck. I like Norma and Belly. They were my favorite characters. It was fun and I liked it. Oh yeah! (dab)

Oliver has a bit more experience in review writing so he provided a bit more than his brother, although he has to cut down on the exclamation marks.

Have you ever thought of donuts feeding squirrels? Well then Donut Feed the Squirrels is for you!! The characters are Norma and Belly. My favorite part is when they break into a donut truck! I think that anyone can read this book if they want to! The pictures were hilarious! My rating is 8/10!

Donut Feed the Squirrels resonates well with an idea that everyone has experienced. Do you ever get a craving and you just have to have that food? That’s what Norma and Belly go through and it leads to some fun antics. I’m happy to hear that there’s a follow up on the way too.

Donut Feed the Squirrels from Random House Graphic is available now at your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.

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