Pick Of The Week: Recommended Reading From This Week’s New Releases

by Olly MacNamee

One graphic novel and two superhero books. That’s what we’re recommending from this week’s selection of new comics. Why not check out what we’ve got to say about these three new titles that make the our recommendations of the week…

Wolfwalkers: The Graphic Novel (Little Brown)

Adapted by Sam Sattin

Based on the film by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart

Illustrations by Tomm Moore and Maria Pareja

While it might be better to wait until after you’ve seen Wolfwalkers, since it’s a close adaptation (and the film drops next week on Apple TV+), Wolfwalkers: The Graphic Novelwould make a great stocking stuffer for kids. Wolfwalkers is about a girl named Robyn who ends up befriending a wolfwalker named Mebh who lives in the forest nearby. According to Irish folklore, wolfwalkers are half human, half wolf –when they’re awake they’re human, and while their bodies are asleep, they become wolves. The problem is Robyn’s dad is a hunter and, if Robyn can’t convince him not to, he’s going to kill the wolves.

There are a few scenes I’m not sure are as sequentially clear in the book as they were in the movie. What Wolfwalkers: The Graphic Novel does provide, though, is more context about what was going on politically at the time in Ireland, as well as an origin story for the first wolfwalkers. These are things the film leaves unsaid but would’ve been really useful to know. Also, instead of Mebh explaining why her mother left in the movie, the graphic novel includes her saying goodbye (like a deleted scene). – Rachel Bellwoar

Daredevil #25 (Marvel)

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Marco Checchetto

Matt Murdock’s life changed forever when he took accountability for his irresponsible actions. It was a change for nearly every superhero, a story that could mean a huge shift for the entire Marvel Universe. However, Daredevil #25 reveals there’s much, much more in play.

Zdarsky simply surprised me with this issue. To open with Matt in prison, and for two years at that, it’s a shift for the character that frankly has happened before but not in this way. This is Matt at his most noble, owning up to the problems he caused, but taking action to try to inspire his allies to be more careful and take more care.

However, the unexpected star of the issue is without a doubt Elektra. This issue is already making waves for the next evolution of Elektra Natchios and to be frank, it’s easy to see coming from the opening scene. However, it’s executed so perfectly by Zdarsky and Checchetto both that it’s one of the most effective, and exciting page-turns of the past year of comics. Even better, it’s not there just for shock value, but it also signals a change for Elektra as a human being that I hope sticks.

We all know that Matt Murdock is not going to be behind bars for two years. But how he becomes a free man, and what he does afterwards is going to be a hell of a ride. – Tony Thornley

Read the full review here.

E-Ratic #1 (AWA Upshots)

Written and illustrated by Kaare Andrews

When reading new comic book series E-Ratic #1 by Kaare Andrews it doesn’t dawn on you straightaway that this new teen super hero is part of the bigger expanding shared universe that AWA Upshots are developing. But it is, and it says a lot about this book that it doesn’t talk down to its readers. Something I’ve already come to expect with AWA Upshots output since reading and reviewing The Resistance that kicked this whole new universe off originally. And while that book was a comic with a more serious and rightfully dour tone to it, this one is full of joy, humour, thrills and spills. Although, you become so engaged with the various characters introduced in this freshman issue you forget that the thrills and spills comes at the very beginning and only again at the comic’s ending.

E-Ratic #1 is a kinetic-fuelled, cool, contemporary looking, captivating comic that will appeal to a wide range of readers. A teenage hero for the modern age, with all the problems to go with it! And out tomorrow from AWA Upshots. 

Read the full review here.

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