Review: ‘Getting It Together’ #3 Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

by James Ferguson

Reeling from his breakup with Lauren, Sam kissed her bandmate Annie. He only did that because Lauren slept with her other bandmate Ashton. Meanwhile, Sam’s best friend Jack who is also Lauren’s brother is finding love in all the wrong places, not to mention getting stuck in the middle of this spat. It seems like a gig is the right place to sort all this out, right?

I am continually impressed by just how much is packed into each issue of Getting it Together and this one is no different. Writers Sina Grace and Omar Spahi fill this comic with interpersonal drama among friends and lovers. It feels like we’ve been along with these characters for years instead of just three issues. I have almost nothing in common with any of them either, yet I’m drawn in as part of this crowd and enjoying every minute of it.

Getting it Together works on a few different levels. There’s the surface element of these people going through their lives and all the drama that entails and then the pieces that are left unsaid. Artist Jenny D. Fine says so much with small glances or exaggerated reactions.

Fine has some creative layouts in this issue, beginning with a logic tree showing how Sam will ultimately end up on the couch despite his best intentions to go out. It’s a fun change of pace. Later on, when the crew takes a few pills, things get trippy with images flowing through one another, showing their feelings all out front.

Colorist Mx. Struble makes this sequence come alive in wonderful purples, yellows, and pinks. As things get blurry in the real world, the truth about the characters’ personalities becomes clearer. This also goes in a negative direction too, as Jack realizes that this current love situation with an oppressive couple horning in on him with an eerie green.

There are quite a few breakout scenes in Getting it Together #3 so it’s hard to highlight them all. I do want to point out a beautiful shot of Lauren as she embraces what she really wants on the stage. Letterer Sean Konot shows her lyrics encircling her like a trance. This is her in her truest form.

In an industry dominated by super heroes, Getting it Together is a breath of fresh air. It’s packed with drama and genuine and intriguing characters. It’s just downright fun. This is the sitcom we all need right now.

Getting it Together #3 from Image Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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